Mark Maxwell's Portal III

Mark Maxwell's aluminium based metal leaf and oil artwork entitled 'Portal III' resides proudly in the entrance lobby of 40 Portman. The artwork was selected by the occupiers and commissioned for the property in 2011.

The piece consists of 18 individual aluminium panels from which a larger composite artwork is formed. Firstly, metal leaf has been gilded on to the panels and then oil paints have been applied.The surface has been protected with a coating of clear enamel, which also enhances the depth of the colours.

The inspiration behind the artwork is from the artist experimenting with the scientific technique of electroplating. The science behind this being metals undergoing electroplation via an electrical impulse which will often slowly transform their appearance in terms of shape and colour.

Newly formed miniature landscapes can be seen developing within the process and the painting often resembles photo still images of this electrolytic process.

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